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Nan Wagner, Artist

Nan Wagner resides in Kankakee, Illinois, about an hour south of Chicago. Graduating from the College of Fine Art at Illinois State University in 1980, Nan has an Associate of Arts and Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Painting, Sculpture, and Restoration.

Nan worked as a Graphic Designer for over 30 years; creating licensed artwork for Disney, Nickelodeon and Warner Bros. She has extensive experience matching color on press and pre- and post-press production.

She began collecting, painting, and most importantly, restoring model horses to "Live Show Quality" in 1998 as a hobby, which quickly became an in-demand skill among fellow model horse enthusiasts.

Leaving the corporate world behind in January of 2015 to work as a full-time artist, she now specializes in Equine Art and Restoration.

Searching for and restoring Roseville pottery and other antiques is one of Nan's many interests, as are Burmese cats and of course, her family.

Nan has always had a love of horses, and to find a way to incorporate that passion into art has been one of her best career steps yet.

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